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Heating & AC Repair Services in Perdido, FL

Lee Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of services to care for your home comfort system in Perdido, FL. We specialize in finding energy-efficient and effective solutions for residential air conditioning, including installing ductless systems and putting in solar air conditioning. But we are also capable of seeing that your home stays warm during the short winter cold spells. Furthermore, we offer indoor air quality improvements and work with commercial HVAC systems. There is no job too small or too large for our team of certified technicians.

Contact us the next time you need heating, cooling, or indoor air quality services.

Call for Comprehensive Air Conditioning Service

Are you looking for AC repair in Perdido to restore your home’s comfortable temperature? Just get on the phone and call Lee Heating & Cooling. We work with all makes and models of air conditioning systems and will get your AC back in shape in a hurry. You can depend on our technicians when you’re looking to have your old air conditioner replaced, or if you want to schedule an installation for a new home. Whatever job you need to get done for excellent home cooling in Perdido, FL, you can trust it to us.

We Install and Service Ductless Air Conditioning

You don’t need to have a network of ducts in your walls and ceiling to enjoy central cooling for a home. We can install a ductless mini split system that works through a series of wall–mounted air handlers. Ductless air conditioning saves space, loses less energy because there is no leaky ductwork, and can even help boost indoor air quality. Call us today to schedule service.

For the Finest in Home Heating Service, Call Lee Heating & Cooling

Perdido, FL can experience some chilly nights during the winter, so it’s a mistake to think that you can make it through the year without a heater that’s prepared to go to work when the temperature drops. If you need to have a heater, such as a gas furnace or a heat pump, installed in your home, Lee Heating & Cooling has the technicians that will tackle the job and get it done right the first time. And whenever you have a heating issue that requires professional air conditioning repair, you can also count on us.

We Offer Gas Furnace and Electric Furnace Service

Furnaces are the most popular method for heating a home, and most homes rely on either an electric or gas–powered furnace. If you have a furnace, make us your first choice whenever you need repairs or when it’s time for regular maintenance. And if you want to replace your old furnace or install a furnace for a new home, we will see that you get the right one.

We Work with Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems

When you hear about geothermal heating and cooling, do you imagine a type of system that is simply too large or too expensive for your home? Well, you might be surprised! Lee Heating & Cooling has handled many geothermal heat pump installations in and around Perdido, FL, and we would like to show you the possibilities. Along with our installation services, we also take care of repairs and routine maintenance. Don’t ignore the energy–efficient performance of a geothermal heat pump: give us a call!

Do You Want Better Indoor Air Quality for Your House?

A problem that many homes face today is air leaks in their ventilation systems, which often trigger a decline in indoor air quality. You can have this taken care of thanks to our duct testing and duct sealing services. But we offer more than this when it comes to improving indoor air quality. Our technicians at Lee Heating & Cooling install air purifiers, air filters, and other devices that will remove pollutants from circulating through your home. Call us today to arrange for these improvements in Perdido, FL.

Air Purifier Installation and Air Purification Services

Air purifiers are devices that use electrical power to draw contaminants from the air. Working together with mechanical air filters, air purifiers can help a home enjoy almost pollutant–free air. But you need to have specialists choose and install the right kind of units. Call our number, and you can rest assured that excellent indoor air quality professionals are on the job.

We Are Your Solar Experts in Perdido, FL

It makes sense in a sunny place like Perdido to harness that solar energy and make it work for your home. Our solar energy specialists will find the best way to put the renewable power of the sun to use in your home. We install excellent solar panels as well as a variety of solar–powered systems, such as solar pool heaters, solar lighting, and solar air conditioning. Call Lee Heating & Cooling today, and we will be glad to go over the ways that we can turn your home into an energy–saving solar powerhouse.

We Install Solar Panels

An essential part of any solar energy system is the solar collector, a photovoltaic panel that takes the radiant energy of the sun and converts it into electricity the rest of the home can use. We install panels with special monitoring technology that allows you to check on how well the components are working through an Internet or smart phone connection.

We Have Commercial Services for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

If you are a business owner in Perdido, FL, you understand how vital it is for day–to–day operations to have comfortable indoor conditions for your employees, customers, tenants, clients, etc. We understand how vital this is as well, which is why we provide quality HVAC services in addition to our residential services. Our technicians are trained to handle the special needs of commercial heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Lee Heating & Cooling is the contractor to call to see that your business remains comfortable around the year.

We Install Commercial Air Purifiers

You don’t want the air inside your company to become filled with pollutants such as chemicals, smoke, and bad odors. The right commercial air purifier can combat these, and our technicians will see that you have the ideal units integrated into your HVAC system. You can always rely on us to see that your business gets the best in indoor air quality services.

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