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Electric Furnace Repair and Installations in Pensacola

Although gas furnaces are among the most effective ways to keep a home warm, not all homes have access to natural gas, and some people would prefer not to rely on it as an energy source. However, this doesn’t mean that a furnace is out of the question: furnaces can run from different fuels, and the electric furnace is one of the most popular options. Electric furnaces operate through electrical resistance heating, where electric coils inside the cabinet of the furnace heat up and transfer their heat to the air that is then blown through the ventilation system.

Even though electric furnaces have fewer safety concerns than gas furnaces, they still must be installed and serviced by experienced HVAC professionals. Lee Heating & Cooling has worked on many types of furnaces, and we can take care of whatever job you need done for an electric furnace in Pensacola, FL: installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

The HVAC professionals at Lee Heating & Cooling offer electric furnace service in Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas.

Reasons to Consider an Electric Furnace Installation

Gas furnaces are more energy–efficient and powerful than electric furnaces, but there are some specific reasons that you may wish to opt for an electric model:

Energy availability:If your home doesn’t have access to a natural gas line, then the best way to enjoy furnace heating is to go with an electric furnace.
Longevity:Electric furnaces have fewer moving parts and components that will wear down with time, and they therefore last longer on average than natural gas furnaces.
Low installation costs:A gas furnace may be a less expensive heater to run in the long–term (natural gas costs less than electricity), but the upfront price of an electric furnace is smaller. Going with an electric furnace may better fit your current budget plans.
Safety concerns:Although a gas furnace isn’t automatically dangerous, some homeowners would rather not deal with the worries of toxic or combustible gas leaks. An electric furnace is a safer choice.

Looking for Electric Furnace Repair or Maintenance Service?

Another advantage that electric furnaces offer is that they tend to need fewer repair jobs over their lifetime compared to gas furnaces. But that doesn’t mean you can expect to have your electric furnace work without trouble for its entire service life. Motors can run down, heating elements burn out, fans suffer damage, etc. Whenever you think that your electric furnace is suffering from a malfunction, give our technicians a call. Electric furnace repairs are often a quick job, and we’ll have your home warm again in no time.

Electric furnaces need to have routine maintenance work, just like other heating systems. This is the best way to ensure that you receive many years of use from your furnace and to prevent it from suffering a breakdown right when you need it the most. Call us today to learn about our maintenance program.

Let Us Take Care of Your Electric Furnace Needs

In the mild winter climate of Pensacola, an electric furnace is often sufficient to care for the comfort needs of a family. Call Lee Heating & Cooling if you would like installation of an electric furnace, or if you have any other heating services you need to schedule. Your household comfort is our number one priority.

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