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Solar Pool Heaters in Pensacola, FL

As much as we love hitting the many beaches in our area, there is certainly something to be said for relaxing at home in one's own pool. There is even more to be said for enjoying one's pool late into the year, when normally chilly water is kept warm and inviting by a reliable pool heater. Of course, even that experience can be improved upon in certain ways, such as by using the power of the sun to power one's pool heater. That is precisely what you can accomplish by utilizing a solar pool heater in Pensacola, FL.

Even during the cooler time of the year around here, the sun tends to shine down on us quite intensely. Why let all of that energy go to waste? While there are certainly many fine and efficient traditional pool heaters out there, the solar pool heater really takes efficiency to the next level. To learn about the solar pool heaters available to you, or to schedule any solar pool heater services, contact a member of the Lee Heating & Cooling team today.

The solar energy specialists at Lee Heating & Cooling provides solar pool heater services in Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

Schedule Your Solar Pool Heater Installation with Us

There are different solar pool heaters available on the market today, and their operations may differ a bit between make and model. One fact that does not vary, though, is that you must schedule your solar pool heater installation with a qualified professional that you can trust. That is why you should allow the trained professionals on our staff to complete your solar pool heater installation.

Most solar pool heaters feature a panel which supports a number of tubes. This panel is positioned so that it absorbs the maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day. A pump works to pump water out of your pool, and through this panel, heating the water in the process. The water is then simply dumped back into the pool via a return line. To ensure that your solar pool heating equipment is positioned for maximum solar energy utilization, that all necessary wiring for the pump and other components is safe for use, and that no leaks develop due to poor design or service quality, you must schedule your solar pool heater installation with qualified technicians. Ours certainly fit the bill.

We Are an Authorized Heliocol Dealer

There are generally a number of different makes and models to choose from for any appliance or system needed in the home. Some will undoubtedly set themselves apart from others in quality of design and performance, though. When it comes to solar pool heaters, we are always eager to recommend Heliocol products, and are proud to be an authorized dealer of these fine solar pool heaters.

The Heliocol solar pool heater has set itself apart simply by being the most efficient solar pool heater on the market. This is due in large part to the unique individual tube design that Heliocol solar pool heaters utilize. Whereas most solar pool heaters use webbed tube designs, Heliocol panels allow your roof to breathe thanks to the individual tube design. Their panels don’t require straps and won’t lift on the roof, protecting your property while offering you a great pool heating performance. The individual tubes create more heat than competing collectors, and they are extremely efficient in the absorption of energy from the sun. Contact us to learn more.

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