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Air Conditioning Repair & HVAC Services in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Life in Fort Walton Beach, FL is often luxurious and wonderful. But hot summer days and rainy nights in the winter can spell serious discomfort unless homes and businesses have excellent HVAC systems. Lee Heating & Cooling is a family–owned company providing the area with quality heating, cooling, and ventilation services. Our technicians are NATE–certified and dedicated to delivering the best work possible on each job.

We also offer comfort services you won’t find at many other contractors, such as solar and geothermal solutions. Call our offices today to learn all about the ways we can improve your home or business with our HVAC expertise.

Air Conditioning Services for Cool Summers Every Year

When summer hits in Fort Walton Beach, FL, it often hits hard. Hot and humid weather can make your home unpleasant unless you have a powerful air conditioning system at work. Lee Heating & Cooling is focused on seeing that homes in the area have the right type of ACs operating at peak condition. If you are looking for a new air conditioner, repairs for your current one, or a regular maintenance inspection and tune–up, you can rely on us to handle everything.

Don’t Wait to Call Us When You Have an AC Repair Need

As soon as you notice your home’s cooling system running into snags and not doing what it should be doing, call our repair technicians. Letting even the smallest malfunction go without service can lead to much more expensive problems in a short time–or an air conditioning system that breaks down so completely it needs a replacement rather than a repair.

AC Installation from a Team of Experts

One of the dilemmas facing new homeowners is deciding on what type of AC they should have installed in their house. There are standard central units, ductless system, heat pumps, and more choices. The system must also be properly sized for maximum efficiency. But you don’t need to worry–you have Lee Heating & Cooling to help you through each stage of AC installation.

You Also Have Many Choices for AC Replacement

Has your home’s aging air conditioner at last aged itself into uselessness? A replacement is in order, and our technicians are the ones who’ll do the job right. Our certified technicians move fast when handling an AC replacement so that homeowners don’t have to suffer for long in the heat. Let us see that you have a quick replacement with a great new system.

Heating Is Also Important in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Rainy days and nights through the winters in Florida may not mean cold temperatures that can compete with Minnesota weather–but they still make an effective heating system for a home a must. You may have an electric or gas furnace in your home, or possibly a heat pump. No matter the heating system, the services it may need on occasion must be handled by pros. Call on the right pros at Lee Heating & Cooling. We work with many types of home heating systems.

Arrange for All Your Heating Repair & Installation Needs with Us

A heating system that is showing signs it’s in trouble must never be ignored. Contact our HVAC technicians to handle the repair work that will see your heater is restored to peak condition and works safely. If the time has come to put in a new home heater altogether, we will see that the work goes smoothly and quickly.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions for Your House

Unfortunately, low indoor air quality is an epidemic in homes across the U.S. You can blame it on insulation that’s too effective so no fresh outdoor air blows through to remove stale and pollutant–filled air. You don’t want to sacrifice your insulation, so instead call Lee Heating & Cooling and ask how we can boost your indoor air quality. We can install filters into the ducts, or install a UV air purifier or other air purification system. Soon your house in Fort Walton Beach will have the cleanest air possible.

Contact Us for Regular Duct Testing

You might think that testing your home’s ducts isn’t useful. But air leaks can start easily in ductwork, and the results are often crippling for your HVAC system’s energy efficiency and the general air quality in your household. Finding the extent of the leaking is a job that we offer homes in the area. Arrange for this service every 3 to 5 years or when you suspect problems.

Duct Sealing Improves Energy Efficiency and Air Quality

You don’t want holes in your HVAC system’s ducts. They cause a loss of up to 30% of the air moving through the ducts, which adds up to plenty of waste. It also permits dust and dirt to enter through the holes and drag down air quality. The way to deal with air leaks is to contact our specialists to first test the ducts and then professionally seal them.

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