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Zone Control Systems Pensacola, FL

Each time you turn on the heating or cooling system in your home, does the conditioned air flow to every room in the house? That’s the standard way that most ventilation systems operate. This is convenient if you always need to heat or cool each part of your home—but how often do really need to do that? If you would like an alternative method for distributing warm and cool air throughout your living spaces, you should have a zone control system installed.

Putting in zone control for a home is something you must leave to professionals. Whether you want zone control as part of a brand new HVAC system you are having installed, or you want your current system retrofit for zoning, call on Lee Heating & Cooling in Pensacola, FL. We have the skilled HVAC technicians who can hook up your house to enjoy the many advantages of zone control, and we also repair zone control systems. Talk to one of our staff members today for additional details.

If you’re interested in zone control system services in Pensacola, FL or the surrounding areas, let Lee Heating & Cooling take care of you.

What Is Zone Control?

Think of zone control as a way of dividing up the ventilation system in your home so that you can change the way that air flows through it so that it only goes to locations where it’s needed. The standard zone control system consists of sets of dampers that fit inside the ducts. The dampers open and close to isolate certain parts of the ducts so that air won’t go to particular rooms (or "zones"). Controlling the dampers are individual thermostats located within the zones. You can control the dampers either through these local thermostats or with a central thermostat that operates the entire network.

Why Should I Have Zone Control Cooling and Heating?

Any large house, or a house that contains rooms that are frequently empty (such as guest rooms), can benefit enormously from zone control installation. Only the areas of the house that need heating or cooling will receive it, and that will result in tremendous energy savings over the year.

Zone control is also a way that you can permit people in a household to control temperatures to suit their individual needs. People often have different requirements for comfort, and in a house where the heating and cooling is an "all or nothing" proposition, this will result in squabbles over how best to set the climate controls. But thanks to zone control, each person in a home can set the temperature in the zone he or she is in using the local thermostat.

The individual temperature settings also apply to the rooms themselves. You can set each room to the temperature that best suits its purpose: the kitchen can have greater cooling, while ground floor rooms can enjoy better heating.

We Install and Service Zone Control Heating and Cooling

If you think that zone control is something that will benefit your home, call Lee Heating & Cooling. We can help with both retrofits and entirely new HVAC system installations that include zone control. If you’re looking for repairs for your zone control system, you can also rely on us. We are your comfort specialists in Pensacola, FL.

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