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AC Servicing and AC Repair in Ensley, FL

If you’re a homeowner in Ensley, FL, and are searching for a contractor to handle your household’s heating and cooling needs, you need look no further. Lee Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive HVAC services, including for ductless and geothermal system, in the area. Our technicians are NATE–certified to see that you always get top quality work, no matter what job you need done. From new installations to routine maintenance, we do it all. We also provide indoor air quality services, work with commercial HVAC, and provide a wide range of solar solutions.

When you need HVAC work, make us the first place you call.

Our Air Conditioning Services Are Comprehensive

When summer temperatures soar in Ensley, FL, you do not want to be trapped with a failing air conditioner—or possibly no air conditioner at all!—in your home. When your air conditioning system starts to malfunction, call Lee Heating & Cooling and we’ll have air conditioning repair technicians out to you right away. And when you’re searching for a new air conditioning system, either as an installation for a new home or a replacement for a worn–down AC, we are also glad to help.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Will Help You Stay Cool and Save Money

With the heavy heat and humidity in Florida, it’s especially important that you schedule annual spring maintenance for your air conditioning system. When you sign up for our Cool Club, you will receive a yearly tune–up and inspection for your air conditioning system that will see that it operates with few troubles and without wasting money. Call today for more details.

We Provide Service for Thermostats

The right thermostat in a home can make all the difference when it comes to proper and energy–efficient heating and cooling. We carry top brands of the newest in thermostat technology if you are looking to have upgrades. If you only need repairs for a faulty or broken thermostat, we will take care of that as well.

Do You Need Ductless Air Conditioning Installation or Other Services?

If you live in a home that lacks room for ducts, or you are planning to build a new home and want to save space, then a ductless mini split system may be the right AC installation for you. Our technicians install and replace ductless air conditioning and heating systems, as well as repair them and keep them operating at top efficiency.

We Have All the Heating Services You Need

During the winters in Ensley, FL, temperatures can dip down into the 40s. If you don’t have an effective heating system installed in your house, your family could be in for an unpleasant time. But Lee Heating & Cooling is here to help: we install many kinds of heaters, such as gas and electric furnaces and heat pumps. If you have a heater that is losing its ability to keep you comfortable, we can take care of the repairs it may need—or arrange to have it replaced.

Gas Furnace and Electric Furnace Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

The furnace is the great workhorse of the heating world, and you probably have either an electric or gas–powered furnace in your home to handle your winter comfort needs. Our technicians work with many types of furnaces, and no matter if you’re looking for a new furnace installation or simply a regular maintenance visit, you can rely on our team of experts for the job.

We Offer Complete Geothermal Services

Right under your feet sits a reservoir of energy that your home can tap into for energy–efficient comfort throughout the year. The ground loops of a geothermal system use the stable temperature of the earth below the frost line to both heat and cool a home. If you’re interested in having a geothermal heat pump installed for your property in Ensley, FL, speak to our geothermal specialists at Lee Heating & Cooling today. We offer high quality installation, repairs, and maintenance service for geothermal heating and cooling.

We Provide Indoor Air Quality Solutions

When there are too many airborne pollutants moving through your home, leading to comfort and health issues, pick up the phone and call Lee Heating & Cooling. Our indoor air quality professionals can offer you a wide range of solutions to your problems in Ensley, FL, such as air filters and air purifiers, even UV germicidal lights to eliminate viruses and bacteria. If you have a ventilation system that requires work, you can depend on our experts for duct testing and the necessary duct sealing.

For the Right Air Purifier, Give Us a Call

Air purification systems are among the most thorough ways to cleanse the air of pollutants—but you must have a specialist handle locating the right unit and then integrating it into your HVAC system. All it takes is a call to our indoor air quality specialists and you’ll be on the road to healthier and fresher air in your home with an air purifier.

We Are Solar Energy Experts

All the strong sunlight in Ensley, FL during the year can be put to work powering your home. Our solar energy professionals can help you harness the sun’s radiant heat to provide such services as solar air conditioning, solar lighting, solar pool heating, and more. Talk to our staff at Lee Heating & Cooling today, and they will go over the various options available for solar power for your home. We’ll see that you end up with a solar energy system that meets your energy needs and fits your budget.

We Use Cutting Edge Technology for Solar Panels

Solar panels (photovoltaic panels) are a basic part of how a solar energy system operates. But not all solar panels are equal, which is why you should trust us with your panel installation. We use state of the art solar panel technology with monitoring systems that allow you to know precisely how each part of the solar panel is working.

We Also Provide Commercial Services in Ensley

You should never entrust your commercial HVAC services to any contractor who lacks experience working on the specific needs of comfort in a business. Lee Heating & Cooling is proud to offer our experience and training to handle your commercial HVAC services, whatever they may be. We can install new air conditioning systems, repair heaters, and replace old and outdated thermostats to increase energy efficiency and convenience. Make us your first choice in Ensley, FL to care for your commercial buildings comfort needs.

Installation and Other Services for Commercial Air Purifiers

When the air in your company begins to suffer from problems due to chemicals, odors, and other minute pollutants, it takes a professionally installed air purifier to solve the problem. Our commercial HVAC team also handles indoor air quality for businesses, so give them a call today to arrange to have air purifiers installed or serviced.

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