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Air Purifiers in Pensacola, FL

Using a good air filtration system that is professionally installed and serviced by qualified technicians is often enough for most homeowners to sufficiently improve the quality of the air in their homes. It is not always going to do the trick, though, and air filters are not always going to be able to handle the pollutants that one is up against in his or home. If you are not able to improve your indoor air quality satisfactorily with the use of air filters, then you may want to consider the use of an air purifier in Pensacola, FL.

Using an air purification system can be an incredibly effective way in which to improve upon the quality of the air in your home. However, it is vital that you are using the right air purifier for your particular needs, as well as that your air purifier is expertly installed and serviced by a trained professional. Ensure that all of this is indeed the case by working with the qualified technicians on the Lee Heating & Cooling team.

Lee Heating & Cooling provides air purifier services in Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

Choosing Your Air Purifier

The first step in ensuring that you get a great performance from your air purifier is to choose your system with care. If you hope to remove dust, dirt and other common airborne pollutants from the air in your home, for example, an electronic air purifier is a great option to consider. These devices may capture may of the same pollutants that air filters do, but they take a much more active and, in some ways, effective role in doing so.

An electronic precipitator, for instance, draws air into an ionization chamber, which gives the pollutants within that air an electric charge. Oppositely charged plates within the air purifier then trap those pollutants to their surfaces, as opposites do, in fact, attract. These plates are simply removed and cleaned by the homeowner, before being put back in place to keep the cycle going. Keep in mind, though, that biological pollutants, such as viruses and mold spores, cannot simply be removed from the air like this. They will continue to reproduce, even if they are effectively trapped. Systems such as UV air purifiers are better suited for the destruction of such pollutants.

Allow Us to Install Your Air Purification System

Even the best in air purification technology is worth very little if your air purifier is not installed and serviced by a skilled, trained professional. Ensure that your system is of the right design and capability for your property, as well as for its intended use, by scheduling your air purifier installation with us. We will outfit your home with the equipment that it needs to provide you with the best in indoor air quality and comfort.

Do you have an air purifier in place in your home? Does it seem as though, despite your use of this system, your indoor air quality is in a downward spiral? Have you noticed an increase in aggravation of allergy or asthma symptoms? It is possible that your air purifier may be malfunctioning, failing to provide you with the intended benefits. Your best course of action is to schedule your air purifier repairs with a member of our staff.

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