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Solar Heating in Pensacola, FL

We don't really use our heating systems all that much in this part of the country. The truth of the matter is that the weather outside is warm enough throughout much of the year to eliminate the need for residential heating. However, there is a period during which temperatures will dip below comfortable levels, and you are going to need to heat your home during this time. Brief as this winter season may be, it pays to be prepared. Of course, since the sun is still shining during the cooler time of the year, putting it to use in heating your home is an option well-worth considering, and a goal that a solar heating system can help you to achieve.

To take advantage of solar heating in Pensacola, FL, we recommend that you schedule service with the solar heating technicians on our team. We are well-versed in the installation and servicing of different solar heating systems, and our technicians are truly some of the finest in the industry. Contact Lee Heating & Cooling today to learn more about your solar heating options.

The solar energy specialists at Lee Heating & Cooling provides solar heating services in Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

Passive vs. Active Solar Heating

Florida is a warm enough climate that much of one’s heating needs can be met with passive solar heating. As you’d suspect, passive solar heating entails the use of the sun’s heat without actively putting it to use. Think of a greenhouse, or the feeling that you get—and likely know all too well—when you enter a car that has been sitting out in the sun with the windows up. While newer homes can certainly be designed with passive solar heating in mind, renovating a home to take advantage of passive solar heating is not something that many homeowners may choose to do. You don’t have to, though, as active solar heating systems are readily available.

In an active solar heating system, solar energy is used to heat air or a liquid. For whole–house applications, a liquid system is usually preferable. A solar liquid collector is used to absorb solar energy, and the heat transfer liquid therein either goes to a storage tank or, if immediate use is necessary, to a heat exchanger. You can use the storage tank to essentially save the heat for later use. In a liquid system, radiators, radiant floors or baseboards may be used to distribute heat throughout the house. Solar air heating systems are generally used as room air heaters.

Solar Heating Installations and Services

While the idea of using the sun’s energy in order to heat one’s home may not sound all that complex, the systems used in order to make this usage possible are in fact quite complicated. It should go without saying that only a trained, experienced professional should be trusted to complete your solar heating installation. Even novice technicians may have trouble determining how best to lay out a solar heating system, in order to ensure that it functions as effectively and efficiently as possible. You won’t have to worry about novice mistakes when you hire us to do the job, though.

If anything should go wrong with your solar heating system, such as a drop in heating output or a leak in a liquid system, dial our number immediately. We can complete any solar heating repairs that you may require, and we can complete the maintenance necessary for keeping such uses as unlikely and infrequent as possible. Contact us today to learn more about your solar heating options.

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