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Duct Testing in Pensacola, FL

Are you concerned about the overall performance quality of your forced air heating and/or cooling system? Are you beginning to suspect, for any reason, that your air ducts are not delivering conditioned air throughout your home in the most effective, efficient, or reliable manner possible? Well, stop guessing, dial our number, and get concrete answers. Professional duct testing in Pensacola, FL can tell you all that you need to know.

We take your comfort seriously here at Lee Heating & Cooling, and we are all too familiar with the many different problems that can develop due to compromised ductwork. When you hire us to assess the condition of your air ducts, we assure you that we will determine with certainty what, if anything, has gone wrong with that system. Armed with this information, we can go about resolving any problems that you may be facing in a successful manner.

Lee Heating & Cooling provides duct testing services in Pensacola and the surrounding areas.

When to Schedule Professional Duct Testing

One of the greatest challenges posed by faulty ductwork is that it is so difficult for homeowners to detect, even at a very basic level. It is not as though your ductwork is readily visible in most areas of the home, allowing you the benefit of completing a thorough visual inspection. Even so, there are many different warning signs that you may notice and which may indicate the need for professional duct testing services. You just have to know what it is that you are looking for.

One of the most obvious signs that your air ducts are in trouble is a spike in your heating and cooling costs. Studies have shown that 10–30% of the air conditioned by an HVAC system can be lost through air leaks in ductwork. While this conditioned air doesn’t simply disappear, it can certainly end up in areas where it isn’t needed. This means that your system will have to work harder in order to distribute conditioned air to those areas where it is needed. You may also notice that your indoor air quality is slipping, as pollutants enter your ductwork and make their way throughout your home. If you notice any such problems, or if there are hot or cold spots throughout your home, duct testing is worth pursuing.

How Duct Testing Works

Duct testing is not the type of service that you can complete on your own, as it requires the use of highly specialized equipment, as well as the highly developed skills that only a professional can possess in order to put that equipment to good use. In order to test your ductwork, our technicians will use a portable fan that is connected to finely calibrated pressure gauges. The fan will pressurize the interior spaces of your air ducts, and the gauges will measure the pressure within the ductwork. This will allows us to determine if air is indeed leaking out of your air ducts. Your duct registers and vents will be sealed during the testing, so as to not influence our findings.

If we do find that your air ducts are leaking air, we can discuss your options with you in detail. While certain scenarios may require extensive duct repairs or even replacement services, duct sealing is often a viable option. Before we can get to that part of the resolution, though, we will have to pinpoint the precise location of the leaks. Fear not, though. We will do so accurately, and leave you with a system of ductwork that you can trust in entirely.

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