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Heating Contractors in Pensacola, FL

The weather in Florida doesn’t immediately bring to mind the necessity of having a powerful heating system in a home. But residents cannot afford to ignore the need for indoor warmth during at least part of the year. If you’re looking for heating services that will ensure you have the comfort you need without wasting energy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Lee Heating & Cooling provides the same quality when it comes to heating services that we do for air conditioning services. Our technicians install many types of heaters, including geothermal systems and ductless mini split heat pumps, and there is no repair job too small or too large for them to handle. Our Cool Club maintenance program will also see that your heater is kept in great shape for many years of effective and efficient comfort. Make us your reliable source for heating in Pensacola, FL.

When you require professional heating services in Pensacola, FL or the surrounding areas, call Lee Heating & Cooling.

Installation and Replacement of Heating Systems

Putting in a new heating system for a home—whether it’s the first heater for a newly–constructed house or a replacement system for a house many decades old—is a large undertaking. It’s vital that the job gets done right the first time, and for this reason you must always look to experienced HVAC professionals to handle work. You can place your complete faith in our team of experts to make sure that your installation or replacement heater is the ideal one for your needs and that it will provide you with many seasons of effective performance.

Professional Heating Contractors in Pensacola, FL

Our heating technicians do much more than install and replace heaters. They also handle the other tasks that heating systems may require during their service lives. Routine maintenance every fall is necessary for a long heater lifespan, and any repairs that a heater may require must be quickly addressed. We’re here to see that whatever service your home’s heating system needs gets done and gets done correctly.

Call Us for All Your Heating Service Needs

Lee Heating & Cooling is your one–stop location for caring for your home’s heater in Pensacola, FL. Below are some of the many services we offer for quality cold–weather comfort.

Heating Installation

Sometimes the best way to get the ideal heating is to have a new system put in, and we’re glad to get the job done for you. We offer many different types of heaters, including furnaces, heat pump, ductless mini splits, and geothermal systems. We will see that you have the right heater that matches your home’s specific needs and that it’s installed correctly for many years of trouble–free operation.

Heating Repair

No heating system is guaranteed to work without mishap during its service life, and you’ll probably need to schedule repairs for your heater at some point. Our technicians are here to meet your needs and arrive fast to get the job done. Never trust heating repairs to anyone except fully trained and licensed professionals.


Of all the various heating systems on the market, none is more popular than the furnace. If you have a gas or electric furnace that needs repairs or maintenance, or if you are in the market for a replacement furnace or a complete new installation, pick up the phone and call us.


The stable heat of the earth below the surface makes for a fantastic resource for heating your home and saving money at the same time. Although geothermal installations are extensive, our technicians can handle the work so that you will begin enjoying the benefits of a geothermal heat pump in no time at all.

Heat Pumps

Would you like to have both the heating and air conditioning of your home taken care of with a single installation? Then you should talk to our professionals about putting in a heat pump. Heat pumps use the operation of an air conditioner, but add the benefit of switching the direction they move heat so they also work as heating systems.

Ductless Heating

If you’re tired of the standard forced–air heaters that send air through space–consuming, dusty ducts, then let us tell you more about the advantages of ductless mini splits. These systems have no ducts at all and will help you enjoy cleaner air and energy savings. Our technicians also offer repair and maintenance service for ductless heating systems.


A home’s heating system can’t be better than the thermostats that control it. If you have inferior thermostats in your home, you’re probably receiving inferior heating and spending more money than you should. Allow us to upgrade your thermostats with some of the available new technology. We can also take care of any thermostat repairs you may require.

Zone Control System

Instead of heating up your entire home—empty rooms included—each time the heater comes on, you can have our technicians outfit your HVAC system with zone control. This allows you to send warmth only to the places in your home that require it. It also permits household members to manipulate the temperature in their individual rooms.

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