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AC Replacement Pensacola, FL

If you’re a Florida homeowner, then you know that one of the scariest sights is a broken AC. When the thermostat keeps rising in temperature despite you setting it cooler, the panic sets in.

Air conditioners in Florida are used more often than just about anywhere else. They will eventually break down for good, and you’ll need to replace your air conditioning unit. At Lee Heating & Cooling, we offer honest, reliable, and professional AC replacement services to get your home back to its ultimate comfort zone.

As part of our comprehensive services, we provide AC replacement services when your system is on its last legs. When your air conditioning needs replacing, contact Lee Heating & Cooling for top-quality installation services at fair prices!

AC Repair

What Is Air Conditioner Replacement?

Unfortunately, no AC unit will last forever. When the unit is no longer efficient, you need to replace your old system. Only an HVAC professional should be called in for a job of this magnitude. It takes the right licensing, training, and tools to handle removing your old unit and properly installing a new one.

While air conditioning units are built to last for a while, Floridians depend on them throughout the year to keep cool and comfortable during the hottest months. However, in Pensacola, FL, it also gets cold enough to use the heat in winter. Ensuring your system is running optimally is critical to making your home a comfortable place to be. Contact Lee Heating & Cooling today to get a quote for replacing your AC!

How Often Should You Replace Your AC Unit in Florida?

Most air conditioning units last about ten years. While proper maintenance will help, it will become less efficient in time. Older units are not as environmentally friendly, which means you can save on energy costs by upgrading to a new unit. It’s a big investment, but it also adds value to your home and saves you the hassle of making frequent repairs. Plus, with financing options, Lee Heating & Cooling can help you get a new unit installed in the most stress-free way possible.

Is Replacing an AC Worth It?

If your air conditioning unit is not running optimally and is nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s most certainly worth having it replaced. Even though it’s more expensive than making repairs, if your unit breaks often, you will wind up saving more in the long run.

Newer HVAC systems are also far more efficient. You’ll not only enjoy more comfortable temperatures inside your home but also get savings on your energy bills. You’ll also be free of the stress of seeing the temperature on your thermostat rise and having to call for repairs to get it running again. Peace of mind and comfort in your home are priceless. Contact us at Lee Heating & Cooling, and let’s discuss your AC needs.

When Is Replacing the Air Conditioning the Best Choice?

If your air conditioning unit is at the 10-year mark, you should start making plans to have it replaced. Another sign that you should have this done sooner rather than later is when you notice your energy bills rising. If the electric bill is getting higher, but you haven’t changed the way you use your system, it’s getting less efficient.

You should consider replacing the air conditioning in your home if you’re always calling for repairs. A system that breaks down often means that it’s at the end of its useful life.

Systems that leave your home feeling inconsistently cooled also need replacing. Optimal air conditioning efficiency will ensure your home is free of humidity, but when the unit is older, it won’t be able to keep up anymore.

If this sounds like your AC, contact Lee Heating & Cooling in Pensacola, FL today to discuss replacing your AC unit.

AC Replacement FAQs

At Lee Heating & Cooling, we’re always happy to answer all your questions about replacing AC systems. These are the most common questions we’re asked, but if there’s something else you’d like to know, contact us today and speak to one of our professionals to learn more!

Can I Save Money by Only Replacing the Outdoor Unit on My Older System?

We advise against only replacing the outdoor unit for older systems. Those systems use freon R-22, which has been phased out because it is not environmentally friendly. Newer systems use freon R-410A, or Puron, a better option for the environment. It’s also more efficient. You’ll need to have all the components of your system in sync for the best results.

Why Do I Need a System with Matching Components?

A matched system will provide you with maximum efficiency, performance, and comfort. It will have proper cycle times and manage your humidity. It won’t waste energy, allowing you to reap all the benefits of a new system.

When Is the Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner?

The best time to buy a new air conditioning system is when you’re spending money and time repairing it. Ideally, you’ll want to coordinate replacing your system ahead of the hottest season to keep your home comfortable.

What AC Unit Is Best for My Home?

When you need to replace your AC, it’s best to have one of our licensed, professional HVAC contractors come to your home to get accurate measurements. They will evaluate your current system and provide you with options based on those metrics, allowing you to choose your new AC system.

AC Repair

How Long Does it Take to Install an AC Unit?

The average time to replace your old AC and install the new one will depend on the unique aspects of your home. Generally, this will be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to get the old unit out and install the new system. We’ll also ensure everything is running properly and clean up before we go.

Why Choose Us?

When you need to replace your AC in Pensacola, FL, you want to choose a company that will provide you with top-quality services at the most affordable prices. At Lee Heating & Cooling, we provide the kind of service you can trust through prompt and professional technicians who ensure your new installation goes smoothly.

We require all of our AC installers to be licensed, trained, and fully up-to-date on new technology. This ensures that we always provide you with the most professional installation possible. Lee Heating & Cooling is fully insured, and we carry general liability insurance that has your property covered should an unlikely event arise while we are replacing your HVAC system. You’ll have peace of mind and confidence that our team will treat your home like their own and do the job right.

From Pensacola and the surrounding area, our customers have rated our services highly for all their AC needs. You can count on us to be there for you in your time of need, provide accurate assessments, and help you make the right decision for your HVAC system. We also offer financing to make it easier for you to replace your old, non-functional unit without having to suffer in the heat.

After the installation, you can count on Lee Heating & Cooling to keep your unit in tip-top shape. We offer maintenance services to help your AC system continue to thrive for years to come. When your new HVAC gets older and needs repairs, even if it’s the weekend or late at night, we are always accessible with 24-hour emergency services.

Your comfort is always our top priority. Whether you need to request an appointment for replacing your AC unit, maintenance, or air conditioning repair in Pensacola, contact Lee Heating & Cooling today!

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