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Solar Air Conditioners in Pensacola, FL

One of the biggest chunks of your utility bills each year goes to powering the air conditioning system in your home. The warm climate in Pensacola, FL means that residential air conditioners put in an immense amount of work annually. Even with the most conservative use of your home’s AC, you will still pay a high amount to operate it through the summers.

This is why solar air conditioners are such a good idea. With almost 250 sunny days a year in Pensacola, there’s an immense amount of solar energy available to harness to power an air conditioning system. Solar ACs are dependable and will save an immense amount off your bills each month. But you must have professionals take care of the job of designing the solar energy system to power your AC. Call the solar experts at Lee Heating & Cooling, and we’ll equip your house with a solar air conditioner that should deliver you low-cost, reliable cooling for many years.

The solar energy specialists at Lee Heating & Cooling install and service solar air conditioners in Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas.

How Solar Air Conditioners Work

There are different types of solar air conditioning systems available. The most popular kind is a hybrid system. These ACs draw most of their electrical power from photovoltaic (PV) panels mounted on the roof of the home. But the air conditioner also has a battery that continually charges when the sun is shining. If the air conditioner starts to lose energy efficiency because of lack of sunlight, it will automatically switch over the battery. With the frequent sunlight in Florida, a hybrid air conditioning system will only occasionally need to fall back on the battery, making these systems excellent choices for dependability and energy savings.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Air Conditioning

There are few drawbacks when it comes to solar air conditioning in Pensacola. There’s enough sunlight to keep a system working at the energy–efficiency you expect so you can enjoy all the benefits that a solar AC has to offer:

The sun’s energy is free:Although you need to pay to install a solar air conditioner, once it starts to work the power it takes from the sun costs nothing. You will see a significant drop in your monthly energy bills because the AC is taking most of its power right from the sun.
Freedom from the electrical grid:Air conditioning systems put an immense strain on municipal electrical grids during the summer, leading to problems from brown–outs and black outs. With a solar AC, you don’t have to worry about grid fluctuations during extremely hot days because your air conditioner isn’t relying on the grid.
Increase your home’s resale value:Solar ACs are an excellent investment for a home. Studies have shown that for every $1 of annual energy savings from a solar AC, the solar energy system adds $20 to value to the home. That’s a significant long–term value.

We Offer Solar Air Conditioner Services

Lee Heating & Cooling has a team of solar specialists who work with the best products to ensure that you have a great solar AC installation. We also provide the maintenance and repair work you may need from time to time. Don’t feel intimidated by the idea of switching over to solar–powered air conditioning in Pensacola, FL. We’ll make the process smooth and see that you end up with an AC that will rapidly pay back its costs and then keep saving you money for decades.

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