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We know how important it is that you are able to heat and cool your home effectively, as well as to maintain comfortable temperatures and great indoor air quality within your commercial properties. That is precisely why we are so proud to offer a comprehensive selection of exceptional air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and solar services in Beulah, FL. Dial our number, and get everything that you need, all in one place. Lee Heating & Cooling can be trusted to protect your comfort, regardless of the temperature outdoors. Contact a member of our team to discuss the services we offer.

Lee Heating & Cooling offers quality HVAC, IAQ, and solar services in Beulah, FL.

Let Us Handle Your Air Conditioning Services

When it comes to air conditioning in Florida, seriously cannot afford to take any risks. There is no way in which to guarantee that you’ll never encounter problems with your home cooling system, of course. However, you can schedule your air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services in Beulah, FL with a member of our staff, which will help to ensure that your system is as effective, reliable and efficient as possible. Contact us today with any AC service requests that you may have.

We Excel in Air Conditioning Maintenance

There is no better way in which to protect both the condition of your air conditioner and its efficiency levels than with routine air conditioning maintenance. Giving or technicians the chance to thoroughly inspect and tune up your system will help to keep it in the best shape possible. Don’t risk a subpar performance from your AC due to a failure to meet its maintenance demands.

Get to Know Your Thermostats

You may not think that there is much to consider when it comes to thermostats, but you’d be wrong in believing so. There are a number of different types of thermostats available for use in residential applications. When you use the thermostat that not only suits your system well, but your personal preferences also, you can regulate the operation of your HVAC system with great success.

Ductless Air Conditioning Cools Efficiently

While many homeowners choose to use ducted AC systems in order to cool their homes, there are a few problems that may develop in doing so. Mainly, ductwork can leak. This can lead to issues with indoor air quality, as well as inefficient cooling. When you choose to use a ductless air conditioner in your home, though, you’ll have no such worries.

Heating Services Are Among Our Specialties

Hot as our summers may be, and long as they may last, you are going to have to use your heater eventually. When the cooler weather of the year arrives, you’ll be glad for having scheduled your heating services in Beulah, FL with us. Not only do we install great home heating systems, but we also off the routine heater maintenance and professional heating repairs necessary for keeping your system in peak operating condition.

Are You Ready to Use a Gas Furnace or Electric Furnace?

The furnace has rightfully earned its reputation as a great heating system. We carry both gas furnaces and electric furnaces. When natural gas is an option, most homeowners choose the gas furnace. Electric furnaces have a lot to recommend them too, though, so contact us to discuss available makes and models.

Geothermal Systems Offer Year Round Comfort

By circulating an antifreeze solution through a buried loop on your property, a geothermal system is able to draw heat out of the ground, exchange it with refrigerant in the system’s heat pump, compress that refrigerant, and use the resulting heat to warm your home. In the summer, you can use your geothermal system in order to cool your home as well. Call now if this sounds like a system you’d be interested in.

Indoor Air Quality Is a Top Priority

You cannot truly live in comfort if you do not have great indoor air quality in your home. While poor indoor air quality may not be quite as immediately noticeable as uncomfortable temperatures are, the fact remains that it can negatively affect one’s comfort, and one’s health, in a number of ways. Fortunately, you need only work with a member of our staff in order to get the products and services, including duct testing and duct sealing, that you need to boost indoor air quality in your home.

What Type of Air Purifier Do You Need?

There are a few different options to consider when it comes to purifying the air in your home. You may need an electronic air purifier, for instance, if you are looking to rid the air of airborne pollutants. However, biological pollutants may require the use of UV air purifiers. In either case, count on us to install and service your air purifiers properly.

Solar Energy Can Be Used in Your Home

With all of the sunshine that we enjoy living in this area, it really makes sense to utilize all of that solar energy within the confines of one’s home. To do so, you must be sure to schedule your solar energy services with a trained professional. Only then can you hope for your solar energy system to function as efficiently and effectively as possible. We just so happen to offer all of the solar energy services that you could need to get your system up and running properly, including those for solar lighting.

Solar Panels Require Professional Services

If you plan on using solar energy in your home, then you are going to have to use solar panels in order to harness that energy. Keep in mind, though, that the orientation and number of those panels, as well as the wiring and all other considerations, will inform their performance. By scheduling professional solar panel services with our staff, you ensure a job well–done.

Commercial Services Demand Commercial Technicians

When you need a new commercial HVAC system installed, or you want to boost the quality of the air throughout your commercial property, you need to work with qualified commercial technicians. This equipment is large and complex, and you need someone familiar with all of it to service yours. We have plenty of experience in commercial services of all sorts, so make ours the number that you dial as you seek to make your commercial property a more comfortable place to be.

Commercial Air Purifiers Can Improve Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Spaces

The quality of the air in your commercial space may seem to be beyond your control, but this simply is not the case. Sure, improving commercial indoor air quality can be tough. But that’s what we’re here for. When you hire our technicians to improve your commercial indoor air quality, you can count on the right equipment being put to use in the right fashion.

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