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Summer is upon us, and your air conditioning will most likely be working overtime. Having said that, you should consider how taking care of your AC could help keep you cool on those hot summer days. Reducing property maintenance is probably one of the most undermined concerns for new and existing homeowners. But, let’s be real. When was the last time you checked past your air filter? Most know to clean or replace air filters every few months, which is critical to making sure your air conditioning runs smoothly.

Add this to the seemingly never-ending list of errands, to-do’s around the house, and everything else you have going on. It is quite easy for AC maintenance to fall at the bottom of one’s priorities and with good reason. Still, keeping your air conditioning unit clean inside and outside the home can be the difference between sleeping soundly through the night or waking up like you just dipped in the pool and jumped into bed. Dust, leaves, and dirt can build up around the unit. Before cleaning, power off the AC and then blow or spray off any debris on the unit. 

As an extra step of precaution, you may want to remove the fan cage and clean anything that may have collected inside. In any case, Lee Heating & Cooling is here to keep your AC running at peak condition. Call us today for a free consult and work with our NATE-certified contractors who can handle any job, no matter the size.

Check Your Filters

Checking and replacing your air filters is one of the most basic and yet essential tasks to maintain your AC unit and ensure its efficiency. This should be done routinely every 3 - 6 months, depending on the size and type of filter. Clogged, dirty filters that are not cleaned regularly block airflow and reduces a system’s efficiency which could lead to further issues. Just replacing a clogged filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%. Most home air conditioners have filters mounted in the grille facing into the room. Some types of filters are reusable but replacing them is best practice in the long run anyway. 

Air Conditioning Repair

Set Your AC On a Timer

Setting your AC on a timer can help you prevent future issues with a new or existing unit. Air conditioning units are filled with different parts that, if not maintained, can have an effect on how effectively they can cool your home. For instance, a part known as the condenser unit has an evaporator coil in it to move hot air from inside to the outside of your home. This piece freezes up if the airflow is restricted or if the unit lacks a proper refrigerant. The coil can end up overworking itself, and water will collect underneath, having you think the unit may be leaking. Shut off your unit if this happens and ensure there is nothing restricting airflow to the system. Setting up a schedule for your AC to turn on only at particular times throughout the day can be the best way to help you maximize your unit’s efficiency during these blazing summer nights. Call Lee Heating & Cooling today for a free consultation, and our experts will check out your HVAC to find you the best solution for increasing your energy efficiency.

Clear Out AC Unit’s Blockage

If your AC unit does not seem to be working normally, there are a few places to look and signs to check for. The unit should have some drain channels to reduce humidity and excess moisture. Clearing out these drains can prevent the unit from getting too humid and moisture discoloring walls or carpet. You can pass a stiff wire like an old hanger through these drain channels and clear it out. HVAC units are generally loud when powered on but if you notice the noise level increasing for any reason, it might be a good idea to have it checked out. If the fan of the condenser motor is not spinning or receiving power our team of experienced professionals can come to check it out and help you fix the issue. Also, there is another filter in between your home vent and the AC unit itself. If this area fills up with dust, it becomes a blockage instead of a pathway for airflow. This might eventually cause that evaporator coil to freeze up as a result.

Keep An Eye On Windows And Appliances

At the start of summer and winter, it is a good idea to walk around your property to make sure everything is sealed properly and no room feels stuffy. Inspect the seals between your AC units and window frames. Ensure that they make contact with the unit’s casing and that your windows do not have any air escapes. Moisture and humidity can damage the sealing, which causes cool air out of the house. If energy bills are getting higher or rooms in the home feel more stuffy, this may reflect an inefficiency in duct design as well. The AC repair experts at Lee Heating & Cooling offer free consultation and can recommend the best course of action to resolve your issue. Call us today and let us help you get the most of your air conditioning unit. 

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Nobody likes to have their AC unit malfunctioning right in the middle of a 90 plus degree day in the humid sunshine state, Florida. Ideally, you want your air conditioning working as intended, just like you may rely on Uber or your own car to get you places on time. Regularly scheduled inspections are recommended to keep your unit running and doing so as efficiently as possible. If you have questions regarding your AC or need repair and replacement services, we are here for you. Call Lee Heating & Cooling, serving Gulf Breeze, FL. Our team of seasoned professionals will take care of all your HVAC and air conditioning needs. 

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