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Gas Furnace Repair and Installation in Pensacola

Of the various kinds of furnaces available—electrical, oil, propane, etc.—the most popular is the natural gas-burning furnace. More homes in the U.S. rely on gas furnaces than any other type of heating system, and for some excellent reasons. Not only is natural gas conveniently available and an inexpensive fuel to burn, but it also helps provide a level of heating power from a furnace that few other heating systems can match. Investing in a gas furnace is an investment in performance and savings.

You may already have a gas furnace to keep your family warm in Pensacola, FL during our short winter season. If you do, you should call on Lee Heating & Cooling whenever you need repairs or maintenance for it. If you are looking to replace an old gas furnace, or you want a furnace installed for a new home, you can also rely on our professionals to handle the job.

If you need service for a gas furnace in Pensacola, FL or the surrounding areas—installation, replacement, repairs, maintenance—call on the professionals at Lee Heating & Cooling.

The Advantages of Using a Gas Furnace

Why exactly are gas furnaces so common a source of home heating? The reason is that they offer numerous advantages. Here are a few:

Heating power:When it comes to measuring the heating output in BTUs (British Thermal Units), the gas furnace is the king. If you are mainly interested in a heating system to overcome heavy drafts, you should consider the gas furnace.
Energy efficiency:Natural gas is a much less expensive heating fuel than oil or liquid propane, and it is also cheaper than using electrical resistance heating. Some high–efficiency furnaces can convert up to 97% of their fuel source into heat, which can help tremendously with energy savings.
Convenience:Because natural gas comes directly into a home through the municipal gas line, it’s easily accessible, unlike oil and propane.

One object people sometimes raise against natural gas furnaces is that they are unsafe. But this isn’t true: a gas furnace can pose some potential danger from gas leaks, but it’s a minor issue and is easily avoided through maintenance and prompt repair work.

Do You Need Gas Furnace Repair or Replacement?

Gas furnaces run off a number of mechanical components which will develop wear and tear over time and occasionally need repair work. You should never delay when it comes to scheduling repairs for a furnace, so at the earliest indication that the furnace is losing power, making strange sounds, or hiking up your power bills, give us a call. (And don’t attempt to fiddle with the furnace yourself, as this can create a possible safety issue.)

Eventually, a gas furnace will wear down to the point that it is no longer worth keeping it running. This usually happens in the 15—20 year range. When you call for repairs, ask your technician if a furnace this old should be replaced. Our furnace specialists are glad to help with this.

Call Us to Arrange for Gas Furnace Maintenance

To see that you have gas furnace that lasts to the 20 year mark, make sure that you enroll in a regular maintenance program for it. Not only will this see that your furnace has a long lifespan, it will also greatly reduce the number of repairs it needs and help keep its energy efficiency up. Call Lee Heating & Cooling and ask about our maintenance plan. We’ll be glad to set you up maintenance in Pensacola, FL or any other services you may need for your gas furnace.

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