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When you need a heater repaired, your air conditioner maintained, or a brand new solar energy system installed in Cantonment, FL, there is really only one number that you need to dial: ours. At Lee Heating & Cooling, our goal is and always has been to provide our clients with all of the HVAC, IAQ, and solar energy services that they need, and to ensure that each and every service offered is of the highest quality. It’s a goal that we consistently satisfy, as any of our satisfied customers will attest to. Contact us today to schedule service with a trained, experienced technician.

Lee Heating & Cooling offers quality HVAC, IAQ and solar services in Cantonment, FL.

Air Conditioning Services in Cantonment, FL

You need your air conditioner to be reliable, effective and efficient. We live in way too hot a climate to take any chances in this regard. The good news is that, no matter how you may choose to cool your home, you can count on our fine AC professionals to ensure that you are able to enjoy great air conditioning in Cantonment, FL. Give us a call if you need a new air conditioner installed, or if your existing system is giving you trouble and you need air conditioning repairs.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Vital

When you use any mechanical system as heavily as you do your air conditioner, you can count on that system suffering a lot of wear and tear throughout its period of use. That is why you really must schedule professional air conditioning maintenance. Only when your system is regularly tuned up and professionally inspected can you know for sure that is in fine working condition.

Professional Air Conditioning Installation Services

No matter how great your HVAC system is, it will fail to provide you with the level of comfort that you deserve if not installed properly. For air conditioning installation services in Cantonment, FL, Lee Heating & Cooling is the trusted choice. We’ll help you find and install the perfect AC system for your home’s needs.

Ductless Air Conditioning

There are a few benefits that you’ll enjoy if you opt for ductless cooling. Ductless air conditioners don’t lose energy via leaky ductwork in the manner of ducted systems, as they feature no such ductwork. You can also cool only those areas of your home that you choose to, as much as you choose to.

We Provide Heating Services in Cantonment, FL

During the majority of the year, your heating system will be the last thing on your mind. When the temperature does fall below a comfortable level, though, you’ll remember just how important your heater in Cantonment, FL really is. We install and service heaters of a wide variety, and we’re sure to find one that suits your needs exactly. Give us a call today to schedule your heating services with a professional technician who will do the job right.

Gas Furnace or Electric Furnace: Making Your Choice Confidently

Natural gas is a great resource, piped directly into the home and affordably priced. Not all homeowners have access to natural gas, though, nor is every homeowner comfortable with combusting this fuel on their property. We offer both gas and electric furnaces for installation, and we’ll happily help you to weigh your options fully before committing.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Is Just a Phone Call Away

Did you know that you can use the consistent temperatures beneath the earth’s surface in order to efficiently heat your home? Did you know that you can use the very same equipment in order to effectively cool your house during our long, harsh summers? Geothermal heating and cooling has really grown in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Let us help you to decide if geothermal is right for your property.

Your Indoor Air Quality Should Be Exceptional

Sealing up our homes tightly means that we can heat and cool them with great efficiency. It can also mean that our indoor air quality suffers due to subpar ventilation, though. We believe that you deserve great indoor air quality in your home. From duct testing and duct sealing to air filtration system installations, we offer the services that you need to ensure that your indoor air quality is of the highest order. Call today to discuss our IAQ services and products.

Let Us Install Your Air Purifier for Great Results

Air purifiers are a great means by which to boost the quality of the air surrounding you in your home. It’s important, though, that you use the right air purifiers in doing so. Electronic air purifiers, for instance, can effectively remove dust, dirt, and other airborne pollutants from circulation. To combat viruses and mold spores, though, UV air purifiers are a better bet.

Make Use of Our Abundant Solar Energy

If there is one thing that we have plenty of around here, it’s sunshine. Why not make use of all of that solar energy? You can do just that, when you hire our professional solar energy technicians. From photovoltaic system installations to solar lighting systems, we do it all. Save money, make use of a widely untapped, environmentally friendly energy source, and enjoy all that solar energy can make possible in your home.

Make Sure That Your Solar Panels Are Functioning Properly

Should you decide to use solar energy in your home, you are going to need solar panels installed on your property. These may be freestanding installations, or they may sit right atop your home. In either event, it is necessary that your solar panels are expertly positioned and installed. We’ll see to it that they are.

Call Us for Commercial HVAC Services in Cantonment, FL

Owning a commercial space tends to mean that you have a lot on your plate. While you may not be overly concerned with the comfort of all within your commercial property, you really ought to be. It’s tough to make a great impression on people if you are not able to keep them comfortable when working, dining, or shopping in your establishment. Let us handle your commercial air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality services, so that you have less to worry about. Give our commercial HVAC technicians a call!

Commercial Air Purifiers May Be Necessary

For any number of reasons, the indoor air quality in your commercial property may suffer. It’s not a lost cause, though. Our commercial technicians are available to help you improve your commercial IAQ. Commercial air purifiers, when properly selected and professionally installed, are a great place to start. Let us know if you’d like to explore your options further.

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