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AC Repair in Cantonment, FL

None of us want to have our air conditioning stop working in the middle of these hot summer days. Naturally, we want our AC running smoothly and reliably. Scheduling regular inspections can ensure you keep the unit running as efficiently as possible — especially now in the summer when your air conditioning will be working harder than usual. Checking the air filter and outside fan for debris is one thing, but AC units can require extra care in times of heavy usage. 

With summer upon us, it is important to keep your air conditioning clean and clear of anything that could restrict airflow or worse damage the unit somehow. That being said, you should consider how calling in experts to help maintain and take care of your AC could be the support you need to keep cool on those hot summer days. Leaves, dirt, and dust tend to accumulate around the unit if not kept under a watchful eye. Before performing any inspection or cleaning, power off the air conditioning and then blow or wipe off any visible debris. 

If you are up to the task, you could take off the fan cage and clean anything gathering inside. Also, any growth like small bushes or vegetation of any sort around the AC could eventually cause serious issues if caught up in the fan. For answers to your questions regarding your HVAC, call Lee Heating & Cooling. We offer free consultations and serve Cantonment, FL. Talk to our team of professionals and find out how we can take care of your air conditioning needs.

AC Repair in Cantonment

Reduce Cooling Costs

Generally, when we think of energy efficiency, we are not considering how simple tasks could affect our home’s cooling costs. Pretty much everyone is aware that you should check and replace air filters at least two to three times a year. This basically ensures your providing a clear path for air to flow through into the house. Depending on the size and type, a dirty or clogged filter could restrict air flow, reduce the system’s efficiency, and potentially create more headaches down the line. By maintaining your air filters regularly, you can lower your energy consumption by more than 10%. Regular maintenance is the key to maximizing your AC’s effectiveness, ensuring it lasts you a long time, and improving overall air quality. Lee Heating & Cooling is here to keep your AC running at peak condition. If you are having trouble with your AC in Cantonment, FL, call us today, and our team of experts will find the best solution for your air conditioning needs. 

Monitor Seals And Humidity

At the start of each cooling season, it is recommended for homeowners to walk around their property and verify everything is sealed properly and check that no room feels humid. Inspecting these areas and seals between your AC units and window frames can be essential in catching a relatively minor issue that can get worse if left unattended. Look closely to see that they are flush with the unit’s casing and that windows are not letting air out anywhere. Moisture and humidity are a big thing in Florida that tends to ruin the sealing. This causes cool air to be let out of the house, and warm air remains circulating. If you notice energy bills going up or spaces in the home feeling less ventilated, this may reflect an inefficiency in some aspect of your HVAC design which should not go unaddressed. The air conditioning experts at Lee Heating & Cooling offer free consultation and can suggest the best way to resolve your issue. Call us and let our team of professionals help you get the most out of your AC unit. 

Basic AC Maintenance

If your AC unit fails you for whatever reason, there are a few signs to check for and things to take a look at. The unit comes with drain channels that reduce humidity and excess moisture inside the AC. Cleaning out the drains prevents the unit from getting humid and moisture leaking, discoloring nearby walls or carpet. Air conditioning is loud when powered on for the most part, but if you notice any noise out of the ordinary or if the unit gets louder, it might be time to have it checked out. Also, the filter in between your home vent and the AC unit itself should be checked for any debris or dust buildup. If this part gets clogged up, it becomes a trap instead of a pathway for airflow. This lead to something known as the evaporator coil freezing up as a result. Professional cleaning is suggested as properly maintaining the unit is key to ensure safety and effectiveness during the warm summer season. Signs of rust or excess leakage indicate an issue that needs immediate attention from an HVAC specialist.

When To Call The Pros

With 90 plus degree weather becoming the new normal once again here in Cantonment, FL, that AC will be cranked up most days. So, it is very important to keep your unit clean and clear of dust, dirt, leaves, and anything that could restrict airflow or worse break the AC altogether. If you are facing any issue with your air conditioning, consider calling in experts to maintain the unit in working order. Do not wait until it is too late and the unit stops working. Lee Heating & Cooling will keep your AC running at peak condition. Call us today for a free consult and work with our team of experienced contractors. Taking care of your AC and making sure your home is cool like a breeze is the right way to get this sizzling summer started. Whatever your HVAC needs, our experts are standing by to hear from you to keep your home cool and the heat away.

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