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Heat Pumps in Pensacola, FL

The standard residential comfort system found in most homes consists of two devices housed together in a cabinet: an air conditioner and a furnace. However, this is not the only choice that you have for year-round comfort in your household. Instead of two systems, you can have a single one that does the job of providing both warming and cooling. It’s called a heat pump, and it’s an especially effective choice for the climate of Pensacola, FL.

Heat pumps are complex devices that take the concept of the air conditioner and move it a step further so that it can also work as a heater. If you call professionals, such as the people at Lee Heating & Cooling to install a heat pump for your home, you can trust that you’ll receive quality comfort throughout the year. Our technicians are experienced with all services for heat pumps, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Contact us today for all your heat pump needs.

How Heat Pump Systems Work

In basic operation, a heat pump is similar to an air conditioner. A compressor in an outdoor unit adds energy to refrigerant, which then circulates through the indoor and outdoor coils. The refrigerant condenses to release heat through one set of coils, and evaporates to absorb heat in another.

But where an air conditioner can only move refrigerant one direction through the system, so that the indoor coil serves as the evaporator coil and the outdoor coil serves and the condenser coil, a heat pump uses a device called a reversing valve to change the direction the refrigerant moves. The heat pump can therefore switch to absorbing heat from outside and releasing it inside. It’s as simple as changing the setting on the thermostat to switch a heat pump from cooling to heating mode and back.

Why Consider a Heat Pump Installation

Aside from the advantage of heating and cooling in a single installation, are there other reasons to consider installing a heat pump? Yes, there are a number.

When it comes to heating, a heat pump is one of the more energy efficient ways to provide comfort for a home during cold weather. Heat pumps do not burn energy to create heat, but instead use electrical power to move heat from one place to another. In the climate of Florida, where the outdoor temperatures do not fall below freezing, heat pumps don’t have to struggle to harness enough heat energy, and this makes them highly efficient while operating in heating mode. Changing from a furnace to a heat pump can result in significant savings every winter season.

Heat pumps are also very safe as heating systems, and if you’re looking to move away from using gas power for winter heat, going with a heat pump is an excellent option.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Because heat pumps run throughout the year, they have special maintenance considerations and must receive visits twice a year from professionals. In case of a malfunction, it takes a skilled HVAC technician to repair them. You can trust our staff at Lee Heating & Cooling to handle any job that your heat pump may require.

Call us today if you are interested in heat pump installation or replacement, or if you need any other services for a heat pump system in Pensacola, FL.

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