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Destin AC Repair & Heating Services

Are you currently looking for a contractor to handle the HVAC needs of your home or business in Destin, FL? You want to make sure that you hire a quality company with experience and a wide range of services available. Lee Heating & Cooling is the place to call! We have a team of some of the best technicians in the area, and they have completed over 10,000 jobs. Along with our heating and air conditioning services, we also work with solar energy systems and solutions to improve indoor air quality. Give us a call today to schedule HVAC services in Destin, FL and the surrounding area.

We’re here to handle your air conditioning and heating needs.

Air Conditioning Services in Destin, FL

Air conditioning is vital for enjoying life in Destin, FL. Without a working central AC in your home, most months of the year would be pretty miserable. Lee Heating & Cooling is here to see that you don’t have to worry about your air conditioning system, making it through the summer. We install many types and brands, and we offer air conditioner repair in Pensacola, FL that will see that any problem with your AC is merely a temporary one. Call us today for whatever you need to keep your home cool.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Key for Lasting Comfort

You shouldn’t just wait for your air conditioning system to start to malfunction before you call for assistance. You can get ahead of those problems thanks to our leading AC repair service in Destin. When you sign up for our Cool Club, you’ll receive annual inspections and tune-ups that will see that your air conditioner has the longest service life possible with high energy efficiency and few repair troubles.

You’ll Find All the Heating Services You Need with Us

Cold and rainy days will arrive in Destin, FL, and you want to be ready for them with a heating system that will keep your household warm without draining an excessive amount of energy. If you’re looking to have a new system installed, or an old one replaced, call Lee Heating & Cooling, and we’ll see that you have the right heater put in. We also offer maintenance for heating systems as part of our Cool Club, and you can always entrust us with any repair work.

Geothermal HVAC Contractors

Lee Heating & Cooling is an International Ground Source Heat Pump Accredited Installer–and that’s only one of the reasons you should call us when you’re interested in geothermal heating and cooling. We have experience with all aspects of geothermal HVAC systems, and we’ll address any questions you may have about switching to a geothermal AC and heater. You may have thought you didn’t have the resources or space for geothermal HVAC. We’d love to show you otherwise. Call today for an appointment.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If the air in your home feels stuffy and choked with dust and other pollutants, we recommend calling us today for indoor air quality services. We can boost your home’s air quality with an air purifier, humidifier, dehumidifier, UV germicidal lights, different types of filters, and much more. Our technicians also offer work to improve ducts (leak testing, sealing, cleaning), which benefits both the HVAC system and indoor air quality. Reach out to us for IAQ services in Destin, FL.

We Also Offer Solar Energy Services!

There are many ways you can use solar energy from the Florida sunshine to power your home. There are solar lights, of course, but you can also have a solar air conditioner, solar water heater, solar pool heater, etc. With so many options, you’ll be glad to have Lee Heating & Cooling helping you out! We install PV panels and many other solar energy systems: you can start small and go as large as you want when you work with our experts.

Commercial HVAC Services

If you’re a Destin, FL business owner who wants only the best when it comes to indoor climate control, you can’t go wrong when you work with us. Trusting to non–specialists or amateurs to service your vital heating and cooling systems in your commercial space can end up a disaster. We want your company to thrive, no matter the weather–and we’ll help see that it does! Our extensive commercial HVAC services include indoor air quality improvements as well.

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