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AC Repair & HVAC Contractor in Pensacola, FL

Taking care of the comfort needs of a home or company in Florida means having a powerful air conditioning system and an efficient, dependable heating system. In order to achieve this goal, you must have the assistance of professionals with the experience and equipment necessary to keep any HVAC system working at peak condition. You’ll find the help you’re looking for at Lee Heating & Cooling. Our NATE-certified Pensacola HVAC contractors can handle any job, no matter the size, when it comes to seeing that your household or commercial building remains comfortable, regardless of the weather outside. We deliver more than heating and cooling services: we provide quality solar installations and indoor air quality solutions throughout the Pensacola, FL area.

Lee Heating & Cooling offers air conditioner, heating, and solar energy services in Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas.


Why is my HVAC making so much noise?

HVAC units generally do make some noise. The questions are whether the noise level has increased and why, since unusual noises may signal a potential problem. Also, noise that is not impacting the way the HVAC unit works may indeed impact the comfort level of the home’s residents. Some issues that cause increased noise might include:

1.) The fan of the condenser motor is not able to spin but still receives power.
2.) An electrical or mechanical breakdown in the contractor relay switch may create an unusual humming sound.

Call our AC repair in Pensacola to have our experts check out your HVAC and get the problem fixed.

My ductwork seems to pop when the HVAC starts or stops. What could be causing this?

This may be a reflection of insufficient duct design, meaning that there is more airflow that your ductwork can handle. You may confirm this if you have rooms that feel stuffy, if you hear too much noise, or you have energy bills that are getting higher. Our AC repair in Pensacola, FL can recommend actions to either replace or seal the ductwork to take care of this problem. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Why is my air conditioning freezing?

When your central HVAC system freezes up, it is actually the condenser unit’s evaporator coil that has frozen. The purpose of this coil is to move hot air from the inside to the outside of your home and it may freeze when there is restricted airflow or when it lacks refrigerant. When this happens, the coil ends up ‘overcooling’ itself, and water forms under it, giving you the impression that you have a leak somewhere.

If this is happening, then you should turn the unit off completely. Make sure that there is nothing restricting or limiting the airflow to the system, and give us a call. Our AC repair team in Pensacola will soon have your HVAC running like new.

How often do you recommend I change the filter in my unit?

A good rule of thumb would be every month. However, other factors may play a role in the frequency, such as whether you have pets that shed, how much dirt is present, what other contaminants are around, if you have recently remodeled or upgraded rooms in your house, and other issues that cause your filters to get dirty. The best advice is to check your filters regularly and if you find that they are dirty, change them.

How often should I have my unit serviced?

You always want your unit to be working properly, just as you want your car to run perfectly and never leave you stranded. That is why we recommend a scheduled annual inspection by a Lee Heating & Cooling technician who can inspect and lubricate the system and all its parts, as well as repair or replace what is needed.

For answers to these and any other questions, or if you need AC repair in Pensacola, FL, give Lee Heating & Cooling a call. We’ll take care of all your HVAC and air conditioning repair needs.

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AC Repair + More.

Air Conditioning

No comfort concern is on people’s minds more than air conditioning in Pensacola, FL. Your home will probably rely on its AC at some point every year of the month, and that adds up to a huge amount of strain on its components and elevated energy bills. When you call on us to help you with any air conditioning repair in Pensacola, we will see that your system is repaired fast and that you don’t need to spend more on running the AC than you have to. When it’s time to have an old air conditioner replaced or a unit installed for a new home, you can put your confidence in us to find the best new system to handle your cooling needs for years to come.If you're in need of an air conditioner repair service in Pensacola, FL; you've come to the right place. We use a lot of air conditioning in Pensacola. We are a licensed and certified ac company in Pensacola.


Why not take the many days of bright Florida sunshine and harness their energy to power your air conditioner, indoor lighting, water heater, or other home systems? There are few places in the country better suited to solar energy systems, as you’ll discover when you talk to our solar experts. Our cutting–edge solar panel technology includes monitoring that allows you to check on the performance of individual components through an Internet or smart phone connection. If you aren’t sure how to get started with converting to the renewable energy of the sun for your home, just call us and we’ll guide you toward the right solar solutions.


Balancing out your needs for heating during the year can be a difficult task, and it’s one that our certified technicians are more than able to handle. We install many types of heaters, such as gas and electric furnaces, ductless mini split heat pumps, and even energy–efficient geothermal systems. We will take care to see that you receive a heating system that can handle the brief chilly periods without putting a massive drain on your utility budget. And whenever you need heating repairs done right away, we have the technicians who will answer your call.

Commercial HVAC

We are also dedicated to helping the comfort needs of Pensacola’s commercial establishments. Our technicians have the training required to handle the larger demands of commercial HVAC systems, and they will see that your employees, customers, tenants, clients, etc. always enjoy pleasant indoor temperatures no matter the weather outside. We also have IAQ specialist to install air purifiers for businesses and handle other air quality concerns. So whether you are looking to have a complete air conditioning system installed for a new location for your company or you only want an upgrade for the thermostats to help save money, give our commercial HVAC experts a call.

Indoor Air Quality

Homes in Pensacola need to have strong insulation to help them keep out the heat during the long summers. But this sealing has a negative side effect, which is that it prevents proper fresh air ventilation, and homes start to suffer from stuffy, stale, polluted indoor air. But we are here to help: our indoor air quality professionals install many IAQ products to remove contaminants from circulating through your living spaces. Along with installing and servicing air purifiers, air filters, and UV germicidal lights, we also provide duct testing and sealing to protect the integrity of your ventilation system.

HVAC Efficiency

Not sure if your home or business is operating as efficiently as it could? Florida homes are under some of the toughest thermal conditions in the country. The heat and humidity can cause problems that increase your power bill and decrease your home's efficiency. Let Lee Heating and Cooling perform efficiency tests throughout your system and building. Knowing is half the battle. Then allow us to come in and fix any problems that could be affecting your HVAC system.

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