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It is our belief that all homeowners should be able to live comfortably within their own homes, and that commercial property owners should be able to maintain comfortable environments within those properties in an effective, efficient manner. We are out there every day, helping to make these dreams into realities. If you need any residential or commercial air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality or solar energy services in East Hill contact the pros here at Lee Heating & Cooling. When you work with us, you can rightfully expect a job well–done. Contact us today to discuss our extensive service offerings further.

Lee Heating & Cooling offers quality HVAC, IAQ and solar services in East Hill.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Air Conditioning System

There may be certain areas in which an air conditioning system is not all that important, but Florida is certainly not one of them. In fact, your air conditioning system in East Hill, FL is much more of a necessity than a luxury. That is why we recommend that you schedule your air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation and replacement services with us. In doing so, you ensure that your AC services are of the best quality possible, which will be reflected in the overall performance of your system.

You Really Need Air Conditioning Maintenance

There is no better way in which to keep your air conditioner in great working order than by having it routinely inspected and tuned up by a trained professional. Just dial our number to make it happen. Our AC maintenance technicians are some of the finest in the business, and they are more than capable of ensuring that you are able to use your air conditioner to the fullest of its capabilities.

Explore Your Thermostat Options

You are not going to be able to heat and cool your residential or commercial property as effectively, efficiently or conveniently as you’d like to if you do not have the right thermostat(s) installed within that property. Fortunately for you, we install and service a wide array of different thermostats. Work with a member of our team to find the right one for your needs.

Ductless Air Conditioning Is Unique and Beneficial

If you don’t want to use ductwork, in order to avoid issues with indoor air quality and energy loss, then ductless air conditioning is likely the exact type of system that you’ve been looking for. With a ductless AC, you can enjoy all of the benefits of central air conditioning, without the need for a single air duct. Contact us to learn more.

Your Heating System Requires Professional Services

You won’t be using your heater as frequently or as consistently as you do your air conditioning system. However, you still need that heater to function effectively, reliably, and safely when you do need to put it to use. The only way in which you can ensure that this is the case is to schedule your heating installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with trained professionals. Just dial our number to so. We’re the experts to count on for great heating services in East Hill.

Choose Your Gas Furnace or Electric Furnace Carefully

When choosing your furnace, you will have to choose between using gas or electricity in order to generate heat. This is hardly the only consideration that you’ll face, though. You’ll also have to keep your system’s efficiency rating in mind, and your technician will have to ensure that your furnace is of the right size for your particular living space. Work with us, and know that you’re getting the right furnace for your needs.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Is Worth Considering

You can use the ambient heat in the ground in ground in order to warm your home during the cooler time of the year. You can also use the very same equipment to remove heat from the air in your home, and to pump it into the ground. This means that a geothermal system offers you both the benefit of extremely efficient heating, and also the convenience of year–round comfort in one unique package.

Indoor Air Quality Should Not Be Trifled With

There is a lot which may go wrong with your indoor air quality. That being said, the pros on our staff are more than capable of resolving any issues that you may encounter. This may demand that you schedule professional duct testing or duct sealing services, or that you invest in an air filtration system. Whatever it is that your home needs, we will provide it and boost the indoor air quality in your living space.

Which Air Purifier Do You Need?

If you have biological pollutants causing problems in your home, then you are going to want to use UV germicidal lights in order to resolve the situation. If you’re up against dirt, dust and other basic airborne pollutants, though, then a UV air purifier is not the right option. An electronic air purifier can be hugely beneficial, though. Let us help you to find the right air purifier for your situation.

Make Use of Solar Energy

There is so much sunshine here in Florida, it being the sunshine state, that not taking advantage of solar energy really doesn’t make much sense. If you plan on getting the most from your solar energy system, of course, it is important that this system is installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals. Let us complete your solar energy services to ensure that this is the case. We’re more than capable of helping you to successfully harness the power of the sun in your home, including with the use of solar lighting.

Solar Panels Must Be Professionally Installed and Serviced

When having your solar energy system installed, you are going to want to work with a skilled, trained professional, every step of the way. There is no way in which you can count on a nonprofessional to successfully install, or even position, your solar panels. Let us see to it that your solar panels function at peak performance levels.

Great Commercial Services Are Just a Phone Call Away

A commercial HVAC system is a large, complex beast. The only way in which you can greet your clients, tenants and employees with a consistently comfortable environment is to schedule your commercial services with trained, professional and experienced commercial technicians. We fit the bill exactly. We can also handle any commercial indoor air quality services that you may need, making your commercial property an even more comfortable place to be. Contact us today to get started.

Commercial Air Purifiers Can Clean Up Your Commercial Environment

The installation of a commercial air purifier must be completed with the greatest attention to detail if that system is to function as it ought to. There are a lot of potential causes for subpar commercial indoor air quality. Fortunately, though, there are also varied solutions to any such issues. Allow us to determine which commercial air purification system will best benefit you.

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